I have been working with the team of Think of Serifos since 2020. I have created their logo, visual identity illustrations inspired by local myths and stories and I have art directed a series of clothing and  me to create a unique logo in order to promote their concept-art stores, their own new product lines and their cultural and educational activities on the island of Serifos. The main source of inspiration was the experience of somebody visiting the island of Serifos (and the broader Cycladic family of islands).

The research and inspiration evolved around the idea of an “escape” with a boat which is the only way one can reach the island and the continuous spiritual connection through traditional correspondence -a very old means of communication. The body figure is inspired by ancient cycladic sculpture and their distinctive shapes, curves and overall aesthetics. The body position of the figure is that of a human thinking actively (consciously) but also reminiscing. 



(Photography: Chloe Kritharas Devienne)


(Photography: Chloe Kritharas Devienne)


The concept stores offer a carefully picked variety of memorabilia and hand-crafted art objects which become a point of reference and connection with the island and its energy. The human body (the tangible presence on the place) and the human mind which “wanders” (the thoughts, the experiences) maintain a continuous correspondence and emotional connection which eventually shape the memories related to the island. 



Empty CanvasDirection, Performance

Kastriti WineryIllustration, Art Direction

Yusra MagazineIllustrations for magazine

"Kēryx"Performance, Art direction

'Love rituals', MetagrungePhotography, Art Direction

"The Capital"Performance, Circus, Art Direction

We carry our artPhotography, Art Direction

"How does this work?"Illustration, Art

"A circle of growth"Illustration, Art Direction

Gratitude CornerSite Specific Art, Illustration, Ideation

Psychology ConceptsIllustration, Art Direction

Married in StemitsaDesign, Illustration for wedding materials

ThriallidaIllustrations for Book

The Glorious G train seriesThesis Project, MSc.

Think of SerifosLogo design, Brand Identity, Illustration

"Wish upon a card"Illustrations for products

KukuowlLogo design

2GalsArtLogo design

“To Begin with”Illustration, Typography