"How does this work?": A series of fantastic machinery illustrations, 2018. 

Machines do one or many things. Machines hide their procedures by giving us a fine outcome. Machines have always fascinated me, especially because there are so many of them, with different purposes and levels of complexity. We have all thought at some point of a certain imaginary device (the famous "time-travel" machine) and this was exactly what I took advantage of. In addition, machines performing daily procedures inspired by and related to human emotions were created for the purposes of this project.

Materials: Pencil and ink on paper. 



Circus BoundArt Direction, Video, Performance

"A circle of growth"Illustration, Art Direction

Psychology Concepts HFMIllustration, Art Direction

The castle in ManiWedding Invitation

"The Capital"Performance, Circus, Art Direction

'Love rituals', MetagrungePhotography, Art Direction

Gratitude CornerCommunity Art, Illustration

We carry our artPhotography

Meet me at the kitchenCommissioned Art

Yusra #9Illustration, Writing


Yusra #8Illustration for magazine

Married in StemitsaDesign, Illustration for wedding materials

Yusra #7Illustration for magazine

Think of SerifosLogo design, Brand Identity, Illustration

"Kēryx"Performance, Art direction

2GalsArtLogo design

Yusra #6Illustration for magazine

KukuowlLogo design

"How does this work?"Illustration, Art

ThriallidaIllustrations for Book

"Wish upon a golden card"Illustrations for cards

Art for AGSIllustration details for Catalogue

"Wish upon a card"Illustrations for products

Global SymfonyIllustrations for Websites

"Wearable Illustrations"Logo, Illustrations

“To Begin with”Illustration, Typography

"Nature knows"Illustration, Art, Research

"Demetra's Home"Logo design