The first and hardest answer about design I remember giving while still a kid at the kindergarten, was explaining what the lines were on a girl's dress drawing. I thought everyone knew that dresses had wrinkles. Later on, ladies with impressive medieval garments, castles and some 90's typography would be decorating my classmates' books and notebooks—since I was running out of empty pages of my own. I draw in order to think and I think while drawing.

I studied Graphic Design at Vakalo School of Art & Design in Athens, Greece (2006-2009) and pursued a Master's Degree (MsC) in Communication design at Pratt Institute, in New York City.

On April 2017, I founded Metagrunge studio, officially signaling a new era for me in the field of illustration and art. I love working in multidisciplinary projects, combining various fields of science and art.  I create illustrations for books, performances, communication design & aesthetics strategy for brands focusing on good communication practices.