A few words: The first and hardest answer about design I remember giving while still a kid at the kindergarten, was explaining what the lines were on a girl's dress drawing. I thought everyone knew that dresses had wrinkles. Later on, ladies with impressive medieval garments, castles and some 90's typography would be decorating my classmates' books and notebooks—since I was running out of empty pages of my own. 

My design studies took place at Vakalo School of Art & Design, in Athens, and at Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn, New York City. Apart from a Master of Science in Communication Design, my stay in Manhattan & Bed-Stuy neighborhood gave me really inspiring insights on social issues, local communities, urban culture and the everyday life. On April 2017, Metagrunge was founded, officially signaling a new professional era for me in the creative field of illustration and art. 

Extras: Environment, flora and fauna and their coexistence with humans, as well as education through art, are some of my areas of interest and exploration as an artist and designer. I couldn’t escape my encounter with performing arts and, as a result, since 2010 I practice circus arts (corde lisse performer) and Greek traditional dances. Performing arts have a great influence on my work in terms of discipline, pushing the boundaries between art and real life, freedom of expression and finding a brave  way out of the occasional comfort zone.

Illustrations for? Illustrations for books, buildings, newsletters, posters and fabric, illustrations for walls, notebooks, clothing, stage design—virtually anything, as long as you can put it into words. Feel free to communicate for any project. 

Illustrations only? As long as illustration work of any kind is involved, other design services are also part of what I offer, including logo design, graphic design, concept research and development.

Partners of Metagrunge for this website & overall journey:  

Crisa Magra, Language Service Provider

Ioannis Belegrinis, Designer & Developer