"Global Symfony": illustrations for the company "Global Symfony" complementary to its ideas and concepts. The main purpose of the drawings was to illustrate ideas like team building and team-coordinated effort. Musicians and musical instruments have been used as a representative key visual since orchestras are a good example of what a coordinated effort can result in. It is always challenging to express contradicting concepts like discipline & freedom on the same canvas. Design-wise, I tried to do so, by using strict design shapes with hand-produced elements. 

Materials: Pencil on paper. 




Married in StemitsaDesign, Illustration for wedding materials

KēryxPerformance, Art direction

Ancient Greek SandalsIllustration details for Catalogue

ThriallidaIllustrations for Book

KukuowlLogo design

Gold printed Cards & NotebooksIllustrations for cards

Study on body languageIllustrations for Books

Warm wishesIllustrations for products

Global SymfonyIllustrations for Websites

The MachineryIllustrations for Books


Illustrated InitialsIllustration, Typography