"Body knowledge": selection of work from the topic of April 2018. How does the body communicate? A subtle variation on the pencil line dramatically alters the attitude, the feeling and the message a drawing conveys. Thicker lines, less curves, darker shades, different angles are few of the things explored in this subject.

Materials: Graphite and pencil on paper. 



Yusra #6Illustration for magazine

2GalsArtLogo design

Married in StemitsaDesign, Illustration for wedding materials

"Kēryx"Performance, Art direction

Art for AGSIllustration details for Catalogue

ThriallidaIllustrations for Book

KukuowlLogo design

"Wish upon a golden card"Illustrations for cards

"Body knowledge"Illustrations for Books

"Wish upon a card"Illustrations for products

Global SymfonyIllustrations for Websites

"How does this work?"Illustration, Art

"Wearable Illustrations"Logo, Illustrations

“To Begin with”Illustration, Typography

"Nature knows"Illustration, Art, Research